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Formula 1™ Racing Comes to Pensmith STEM International School
THAILAND, MAY 24, 2018, - Pensmith STEM International School in Bang Kapi has signed up a team to participate in the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge. Members of 6G Racing will need to use innovation to make an aerodynamic model F1™ car which will be raced against other participating schools in the World Finals in September in Singapore.

Korawish (Nem) of Pensmith STEM International School explains why their school chose to enter the F1 in Schools Challenge.

“Pensmith STEM International School is a STEM Learning School. We found that the F1 in Schools Challenge is The Ultimate STEM Challenge. It just made sense to enter this competition since we are exactly who this competition is targeting.”

Pensmith STEM International’s 6G Racing will be required to find sponsors to get the Team to Singapore. Additionally, the Team will need to create a business enterprise using STEM and 21st Century Skills. Connectivity is driving the Teams’ future.

Collaboration with professionals will give students real world exposure in Engineering, Science and Technology at a professional level. The Ultimate STEM Challenge will offer the team the opportunity to visit their facilities for design tutorials, to show models being made and cars being tested.

Visit http://www.f1inschools.com/ and http://www.singaporegp.sg/ for more information on the Challenge.

For further team information, contact:
Mr. Daniel Duval
6G Racing
Pensmith STEM International
F1 in Schools Thailand
085 155 8888
6g.rac ing@pensmith.ac.th

More about The Ultimate STEM Challenge and its roots in Thailand.

Pensmith STEM International opened in August 2018. Our International curriculum is focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education applied through a project based learning approach.

Visit us at https://international.pensmith.ac.th /

We recently entered into a partnership with Formula One in Schools which involves our participation in the Formula One in Schools STEM Challenge. Our school is also the location of the head office for the Formula One in Schools (Thailand) coordinator and his team.

Formula One in Schools and the STEM Challenge are the Education arm of Formula One Motorsport. This provides students with hands-on experience and practical exposure to working within various industries and exposure to skills needed for the future world of work.

This is a global competition which involves around 20 million students worldwide at the school, regional, national and World Final levels. The World Finals, in which the best teams from around the world compete, take place each year in the week leading up to a Formula One Grand Prix. In 2018, the World Finals will be held in Singapore between the 7-17th of September.

The international initiative is aimed at engaging and challenging school students, aged 13-19, as well as introducing them to the possibilities of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering,Marketing and Project Management. Teams of 3-6 members are commissioned to design,manufacture and race the fastest Formula One Car of the future. The final car design is propelled down a 20-metre track powered by compressed air cylinders. The average car will complete the race in just over one second, reaching speeds of 80 km/h.

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